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Community Access To Child Health (CATCH) Kids  -  Healthcare Programs:


Community Access To Child Health (CATCH) Kids is a local non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization.  CATCH Kids' primary goal is to reduce the barriers to high quality healthcare for all children.  


Local physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other healthcare providers as well as lay residents volunteer their services to the CATCH Kids Programs. If you would like to volunteer your services to join the CATCH Kids team, please give us a call at 662-377-2194.


Medical Program

CATCH Kids is committed to removing barriers that prevent access to quality care.  Our desire is to "catch" those children who have sporadic care, no family healthcare provider, or who simply fall through the cracks of the healthcare system.  Accessible, comprehensive, quality healthcare is provided to these children, focusing on prevention and wellness and treatment of common acute and chronic conditions.


Pharmacy Program

Pharmacy medications are provided at cost to the CATCH Kids Program. Following the medical examination, any prescribed medications are provided at no cost to the child or his family. 


Dental Program

In each CATCH Kids Clinic, preventive dental care instructions and oral care products are given to all children.  Limited restorative dental care is provided for those children with no dental insurance or Medicaid.

Weight Management Program
(currently on hold)

A new program offered by CATCH Kids is the childhood weight management program.  The interdisciplinary team includes a social worker, physical trainer, dietician, and healthcare provider who completes an initial complete physical.  More on services provided by the team are provided on the next page of this website.